Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is around the corner again!

ornament.jpg image by travelingoxen

Wow time pass real fast!
See, its December again!
one of my favorite month as well,
its the holiday seasons XD
its the month to think about......

xJesus's Birthx
xChristmas Dinnerx
xChristmas Treex
xChristmas Decorationsx
xSnowy weatherx
xTurkey,Candy Cane,Plum Pudding,Fruit Cakes,Crackers...blablablax
xChristmas Carolsx
xLove-the time of givingx
xDisneyland- cant stop thinking of them during Christmas time XDx

Guess I will be super busy for the holidays,
yeah working too!
Thank God I got my holiday for 1 whole week!
Early wishes for u guys =D
Have a blessed Christmas this year!

2 what-you-wanna-say:

Barbie Q Sylvia said...

Merry Christmas IRENE........~~ <3

cozy_Rachel said...

Wish you Merry Christmas too! and wish you Happy New Year~~ Muacks!!

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